About Us

Cheap Software Market is an online software retail store, which sells 100% legal software from different software vendors for lower price than they do.

Why we sell software for lower price?

Because we believe that everyone should be able to buy any software he needs with an affordable price that fit on his budget and he is willing to pay.
Also, this will encourage people to stop using pirated software, and receive all the support they need from the vendor.
And this will allow software companies to stay on business and provide their customers all the support they need.

Who we are?

We are a starting up company operating from Jordan, with a small team, working hard to be one of the top software retail stores in the world.

What we do?

As software retails store, we (Cheap Software Market) authorized from software vendors to sell their software on behalf of them, according to our price schema. Software license, delivery, and support will be provided by the software vendor directly to you (Customer); to ensure that your software is 100% legal, and get all the support you need.