Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will try to list all the questions we feel you may encounter during your visit and purchase experience in Cheap Software Market.


  1. What is Full Version?
    A Full Version is a software package or operating system that does not require a previous version to purchase or install.
  2. What is an Upgrade Version?
    In order to qualify to purchase an Upgrade version, you must own a previous version of the software. In some cases you can upgrade to a Suite or Software Bundle from a previous single component of the Suite or Bundle.
  3. How much time does it take to deliver software?
    Right after you have purchased the software, you will receive an email to the email address you have filled during the payment process with all needed information to download the software and get your license key.
  4. Can I get a discount if I buy several applications?
    Yes, you can! You could save a lot of money by purchasing one of our Ā«Hot DealsĀ».
    Please check our "Hot Deals" section.
  5. If I failed to find software I need in your list, could you find it for me?
    Yes, we can try to find software for you. First you can try use "Search" on the top this page
    If you could not find it, please contact us at:
  6. What can i do if i lost my license key?
    You can go to the vendor website to the support section and request the license key or download the software again. Some vendors provide this service for a fee you pay during the software purchase.
    If you could not, please contact us at: and we will try to get them for you.
  7. Is there any hidden fees?
    No, but vendors may add some optional items to the cart during the purchase that you can remove like: Physical package (CD), or download insurance service.
  8. Why do you sell software cheaper than official brand providers do?
    Because we get the software from official providers by wholesale price, and whose wholesaling prices are considerably lower.
  9. Can I still get updates from the manufacturer's websites?
    Yes you can. Our software is full and legal to upgrade unless it is mentioned in the instructions, which come with the software.